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WS & Friends - Partners in Passion

Video album release!

By 2 February 2020April 5th, 2024No Comments

02/02/2020: D-Day

Now, many people already asked me: ‘How do I get a copy of that video album of yours?’ Well, the answer is actually quite simple: just click here or on the button below.

Free full version!

As of today you’ll get free access to the first video of the entire video album Will Sophie & Friends “Partners in Passion”.

Every month, new song release

Every month I will post a new video of this video album. The first two videos are for free.

So enjoy the ride and watch the first official video featuring Alain Labrie (flamenco guitar), Onno Kuipers (accordeon) and last but not least Rory Ronde (electric guitar), click here.

Watch the first song #01 THE RIDE

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