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NEW Clinic!

My new guitar clinic is all about the rhythm guitar.
From tight rhythm parts to gentle chord phrasing and everything in between.

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Travellin' Jones - Hook up Sessions - "Self Portrait"

Featuring: Sonny Ray – acoustic lead guitar, Govert van der Kolm – upright piano, Mischa Porte – drums, Martin Verdonk – percussion, WS – acoustic Spanish guitar, lapsteel guitar, bass, keyboards & production.

Original song written by Michael Mainieri for Steps ahead.

Check out my video album "Partners in Passion"!

Now, many people wonder: ‘How do I get a copy of this video album?’ Well, the answer is actually quite simple: just click here or on the button below.

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Get free access to the first video of the entire video album Will Sophie & Friends “Partners in Passion”.

Every month, new video track release

Every month a new video was uploaded on my patreon. The first two videos are for free.

So enjoy The Ride and watch the first official video featuring: Alain Labrie (flamenco guitar), Onno Kuipers (accordeon) and last but not least Rory Ronde (electric guitar), click here.

Watch the first song #01 THE RIDE

Partners in Passion - album trailer

My latest video album ‘Partners in Passion’
is about ‘connecting’ and ‘sharing’ the music. ?

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50 Southern Rock Guitar Licks

Check out Will’s 50 Southern Rock Guitar Licks online guitar course at Truefire. All about the coolest Country Rock & Blues guitar licks in the tradition of Duane Allman, Dickey Betts, Gary Rossington and many other great Southern guitar players.

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