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This new online guitar course is about learning to target standard Blues Licks & Turnarounds, but also learning how to target Chords in a melodic sence. Check it out:

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Now, many people wonder: ‘How do I get a copy of this video album?’ Well, the answer is actually quite simple: just click here or on the button below.

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Get free access to the first video of the entire video album Will Sophie & Friends “Partners in Passion”.

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Every month there will be new video uploads, eventually to complete the entire video album. The first two videos are for free.

So enjoy The Ride and watch the first official video featuring: Alain Labrie (flamenco guitar), Onno Kuipers (accordeon) and last but not least Rory Ronde (electric guitar), click here.

Watch the first song #01 THE RIDE

Partners in Passion - album trailer

My latest video album ‘Partners in Passion’
is about ‘connecting’ and ‘sharing’ the music. ?

Watch here the entire album at:

Every month new video album uploads and more ? ? ?
and other premium ?  content.

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50 Southern Rock Guitar Licks

Check out Will’s 50 Southern Rock Guitar Licks online guitar course at Truefire. All about the coolest Country Rock & Blues guitar licks in the tradition of Duane Allman, Dickey Betts, Gary Rossington and many other great Southern guitar players.

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