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Performing artist

Will picked up the guitar when he was about 12 years old. At the age of 17 he became a semi pro as a performing artist playing the club circuit in Holland. Next to his own personal projects he was involved in many collaborations with several (inter)national artists. From playing the club circuit, concert halls and theaters to the smaller events and outside festivals, up till now these were his days on the road. Recently Will is more focusing on recording and producing music.

Audio & Video Studio

Since the early 1980’s Will has been recording both solo albums as well as doing session work for other artists (see discography). In his own recording studio he recorded many tracks on demand for various projects and artists from around the world.


Online course

For Truefire Will has made a guitar course video called ’50 licks southern rock you must know’.

Creative music education

Will also works together with his partner Susan Zeegers on their musical platform called Music from the Well, in which his private guitar school is integrated.

Musical cooperation:

Michel van Dijk (Alquin), Fré Spigt (I’ve got the Bullits, A Girl Called Johnny),  Rudy Englebert (Herman Brood, Vitesse, A Girl called Johnny), Jan van der Meij (Vitesse, Power Play), Thijs van Leer (Focus), Pierre van der Linden (Focus), Nico Christianse, John Lagrand, Ted Oberg (Livin’ Blues), Boris Van der Lek (Hans Dulfer, Herman Brood), Hans & Candy Dulfer, Han Bennink, John Engels, Peter van Straten (Power Play), Leon Klaasse (Power Play), Brigitte Kaandorp, Erwin Nijhoff (Prodigal Sons), Cees Meerman (Herman Brood), Hans Vermeulen (Sandy Coast), Polle Eduard, Hans Waterman (Solution), Arend Bouwmeester (Bob Color), Julya Lo’Ko, Rinus Gerritsen (Golden Earring), Anne-Geert Bonder (Flavium), Kaz Lux (Brainbox), Ton Dijkman (Marco Borsato), Van Dik Hout, Nina June, Niels Geuzebroek, Kees Prins, Martin van der Starre, Michael Peet, Richard van Bergen, Rafael Hekker, Theo Houtkoop, Ralph de Jong, Susan Jane Rose, Harry Hardholt, Cor Mutsers, Siard de Jong, Govert van der Kolm, Martin Verdonk.

Will's musical career in a nutshell

Selection Bands & Acts

1976-1979 – local bands
1979-1980 – SouthernRock formation Mountbatten
1984-1988 – Conservatory Hilversum (Jazz)
1986-1997 – Blues Power (with ex Alquin singer Michel van Dijk)
1987-1989 – Bertje Beenen’s Bloedgroep
1991-1994 – A Girl Called Johnny (with Fré Spigt & Rudy Englebert)
1996-1998 – Theatre tours with Julia Lo’Ko
1997-1998 – Oberg I (with Ted Oberg)
1999-2000 – Birgit Schuurman
2001-2002 – Erwin Nijhoff Band
2002-2004 – Blues Summit (with Nico Christianse, John Lagrand & Thijs van Leer)
2005-2007 – Boris van der Lek
2007-2007 – Flavium
2007-2009 – Oberg II
2010-2011 – Theatre production: ‘Here, There & Everywhere’ (with Kees Prins & Han Romer)
2013-2015 – Will Sophie Band
2013-2016 – Peter Green Tribute Band (with Richard van Bergen)
2016-present – Music from the Well (with Susan Jane Rose)
2018-2019 – GET RHYTHM (with Harry Hardholt)
2021-present – Elijah Gospel & Soul Choir