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Will’s Guitar Center – maintenance & customizing

Before you start playing your instrument should be in perfect condition in order to be able to express yourself properly. Bring your guitar and have it checked on a few essential parts. I can also fix preference settings for you such as string hight, truss rod corrections and pickup balance. I repair broken parts on your instrument such as wood cracks and malfunctioning electronic parts. If you want to convert or customize your guitar, just tell me what changes you would like to add and I’ll make it possible for you. You will always get free advice first on whatever great (or less great) plans you might have for your instrument.


You don’t want that buzzing sound on your guitar, so leveling frets is a must for a better balanced tone.

Accidents will happen, that's for sure! But remember, most damage can always be fixed. I do repair complex wood cracks on your guitar to make it long lasting again. Check out the before and after images below.


1953/59 Gibson Les Paul ‘Burst’ conversion.

Epiphone ES 339 – fixed complicated neck crack.

1956 Fender Stratocaster – maintenance

1953 Gibson ES 295 – huge body crack

Lowden S12 – fixing multiple cracks on sides and top after fall.