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WS & Friends - Partners in Passion

Inside my video album “Partners in Passion” – Starting from scratch – part 2/4

By 11 January 2020April 5th, 20243 Comments

Summertime inspiration

Recording during summertime can have it’s charm but it also means dealing with the heat in the building during the recording days, as there was nothing else around besides a single big chrome fan, blowing hot air from one side of the room to the other. The vibes however of some of the early ‘Partners in Passion’ recording sessions can be described as, the hotter it gets, the more lazy the music. But then again, there’s that special sound of a Southern bell ringing…

Paris Texas

I realized that I became fascinated by soundtrack music ever since I was a kid. In the mid 1980’s, I saw the road movie Paris Texas by Wim Wenders with original music by Ry Cooder. I can still picture that iconic opening scene; lone-man-walking-through-hot-desert. Oh man, that music! I thought to myself, that’s it, I wanna do what he (Cooder) does, but in my own way of course. Music and pictures, they always fit so well together. So why not creating something myself and have it both ways?

Music on images

And so years later, I started shooting all sorts of pictures and short videos myself within a certain frame, which eventually became the inspiration source of the improvised music I recorded underneath the images. It resulted in a series of eight different theme video’s which also can be seen on my Patreon channel soon. At the same time but in a slightly different way, ‘Music on Images’ had opened the door to what soon became: Will Sophie & Friends – ‘Partners in Passion’, but I will get to that soon.

Next blog is about recording the source ‘the old school way’.

In the video below I tried to capture some of that summer heat and the silence around, against the background of my working space, combined with the sounds created on the spot at that very moment.


  • Ad says:

    Wow ! wat een Goddelijk dikke sound die Danelectro (ik heb overigens nihil verstand van gitaren hoor)
    Ben zeeer benieuwd naar je Album…laat ons niet te lang wachten please

    • Will Sophie says:

      Als alles mee zit zal de online release van ‘Partners in Passion’ op 2-2-2020 gelanceerd worden Ad.

  • Huub says:

    Supers Gave Duistere Pracht Klanken Will, & Mooie Registratie óók Gozert,,,!!!