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Get free access to the first video of the entire video album Will Sophie & Friends “Partners in Passion”.

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Every month there will be new video uploads, eventually to complete the entire video album. The first two videos are for free.

So enjoy The Ride and watch the first official video featuring: Alain Labrie (flamenco guitar), Onno Kuipers (accordeon) and last but not least Rory Ronde (electric guitar), click here.

Watch the first song #01 THE RIDE

Steel Days Event 2020

Dates: Friday 28th of Feb 2020, Saturday 29th of Feb 2020 and Sunday 1st of Mrch 2020
Location: Hotel Congres Center Steensel

An exciting weekend coming up early next year, for all you slide and steelguitar players. On Feb 29th 2020 I will present my clinic ‘The Voice of the Slide Guitar’ at Hotel Congres Center Steensel (near Eindhoven).

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50 Southern Rock Guitar Licks

Check out Will’s 50 Southern Rock Guitar Licks online guitar course at Truefire. All about the coolest Country Rock & Blues guitar licks in the tradition of Duane Allman, Dickey Betts, Gary Rossington and many other great Southern guitar players.

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